video installation, 2003

On the 2nd of Spetember in 1958, an American military Airplain C-130, which was having a mission on the Armenian-Turkish border, entered Armenian air space without any notification. 4 Soviet MIG-17 fighters shot at  the unarmed C-130 one after another. The plain’s crew: USAF 6 soldiers USAF Security Service 11 reconnaissance crewmen was killed. The plane crashed near the Sasnashen village which is stuated 45 km north-west to the capitol of Armenia, Yerevan. The C-130 incident was one of the most controversial from the USSR’s Cold War events. In 1991 only, the RF president Boris Yelcin revealed the “available” info about the C-130 attack. In 1993 the vilage population built a memorium to the victims.

2003 - "Crash N60528", one-person exhibition, (curator: Vardan Azatyan, texts: Vardan Jaloyan, Angela Harutyunyan) ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

2003 - "Adjeu Parajanov", Kunsthale, Vienna, Austria  
2005 - "Memory and identity”, Festival  “Culturescapes”   Basel. Switzerland        
2007 - "Crash N60528", one-person exhibition, Umtrieb-Gallery for contemporary art, Kiel Germany
2008 - "Strategies of the history / Strategies of art",  Gyumri international biennal, Gyumri, Armenia
2012 - "Contemporary Art At the Dawn of  the Third Armenian Republic", ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia