“Bare Life”
2012 September 5
Karen Demirchyan’s museum
Th e political art exhibition of “Bare Life” took place in
Armenia in 2012, aft er the Parliamentary elections. It
was an attempt to refl ect over the post election apathy
in the society. Aft er another serial unfair elections
the feeling of despair and hoplelessness is increasing
among public. We observe an increase in the number
of suicides and murders, the numbers of migration
are going high. Th e exhibition works (videos) present
locations where in the recent past series of political and
criminal murders and suicides happened. Statistic data
of suicides were also presented which clearly highlights
increase in suicides. Th e exhibition took place in the
museum of one of the victims of murder, Mr Karen
Demirchyan, Parliamentary Speaker, murdered in
Parliament during the session in 1999.
“Bare Life” is one of the main concepts of Giorgio Agamben’s
political philosophy and he directly connects
that with the idea of biopolitics and state of exemption.
In the exhibition four slide-videos are presented:
“Aragast café”, “Th e building of Parliament”, “Th e venue
of March 1 events” and “Tetsi Krug”. Th e exhibition is
a one single installation where the text and visual data
are opposed against the calm city landshaft s. Contrary
to those calm images the text presents the timeline of
political and criminal bloody occurrences which took
place in those areas.
Artlab is looking at political, social, psychological
emergency situations where the Bare Life is born and